• Pre-Show Planning
    Our dedicated sales team will provide detailed and accurate show cost estimates to help you develop an efficient and effective show labor schedule. 

  • On-Site Labor Management and Supervision
    Experienced general managers and skilled labor employees throughout the country will be on-site during installation, show opening, and dismantlement to ensure your show plan is perfectly executed. 

  • Post-Show Analysis and Reconciliation
    Our accounting team will guide you through the post-show process including account reconciliation, payment, and necessary transaction reporting. 

Exhibit Builder References

3D Exhibits
Gene Faut / President
800 Albion Ave.
Schaumburg, IL 60193

Elite Exhibits
Larry Oley / President    
5322 Rafe Banks Dr. Suite E
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

The Taylor Group    
Dean Marks / President        
2255 Biscayne Crescent
Brampton, Ontario L6W4R2

Never before have I enjoyed so much unparalleled success with working with Renaissance as I have this year. Darlene and Sal are doing a phenomenal job of anticipating our needs, providing the best you have to our work, and following up on every little thing imaginable. While it would take me rolling through my rolodex (yeah I have one) and pulling up the names all of the great city managers who extend Darlene and Sal’s efforts, huge “thank you’s” go out to Chicago, New Orleans, Montreal, Boston, Pittsburgh, New York, San Diego, Orlando and Denver. A few words about all of the aforementioned teams. Dedicated, problem solvers, flawless execution, attentive, detailed and finally, appreciative.
— Michael R. Seymour, 3D Exhibits