In 1989, Sonny Ciferni and Steve Johnson, along with several loyal peers in the Install and Dismantle Industry, laid the groundwork for Renaissance Management, Inc. As skilled and experienced I&D professionals, Sonny and Steve created a vision for an I&D company that would facilitate professional relationships and provide superior customer service. 

Renaissance Management was incorporated on September 13, 1989. In our signature green and tan uniforms, Renaissance employees across the country carry out the company's vision, maintaining professional relationships and supplying superior labor management services for our clients.

Headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Renaissance Management, Inc. services clients nationwide, with additional offices in New Jersey, Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Orlando. Skilled sales and operations teams in our large markets execute each and every job from pre-show planning to post-show evaluation and reconciliation.

Nearly 30 years after meeting in a hotel in New Jersey to establish a company that would prove to be a leader in the I&D Industry, our founders continue to play a crucial role in the success of Renaissance Management, Inc. Their passion for  employees and clients and their pride in quality and simplicity are unrivaled. A company rooted in tradition, Renaissance Management, Inc. remains a forerunner in the I&D industry.  Contact us today and experience Renaissance Management's superior service.